Company and philosophy

At SeatTec Sitztechnik GmbH our goal is the satisfaction of our customers through innovation and the highest quality manufacturing standards.

We manufacture and produce an extensive range of high-grade products from commercial vehicle seating systems and automotive interior components to jig construction and assembly.

Our 40 experienced and highly specialized technicians, headquartered in Amberg, will customize and tailor to your individual needs from planning to the production of technical and electronically advanced parts, devices and jigs.

At SeatTec we oversee and monitor all processes from planning, construction, prototyping and up to serial production which is carried out within our group in accordance to the customization and modification needs of our clients.
We utilize the most modern machinery available, innovative software and efficient manufacturing process.

We guarantee the highest quality end product with our precision in our process chains and the material used. Our company was founded in 2009, our certified process and technicians will ensure the professionalism and quality assurance in our products and services.

We are a sustainable and environmentally conscious company. Our responsibility towards the environment is a priority. We use ecologically sound manufacturing practices, conduct material recycling and properly dispose of manufacturing by products to ensure that our community and environment are safe for our future generations.


ISO 9001 – 2015

For our business fields product development, jig construction and seating systems. Manufacturing of samples, prototypes and jigs. Production of seating systems and small series for components relevant for road traffic. ISO 9001 – 2015

Din EN 3834 – 3

For our business fields seating systems, engineering and automotive parts. DIN EN 3834 – 3

DIN EN 15085 – 2 CL 3

For our business fields railway vehicles and automotive parts. DIN EN 15085 – 2 CL 3

IT Systems, Software

  • Catia V5-24
  • FEM on Catia
  • Solidworks
  • Solidcam
  • MS Office
  • ERP-Taxmetall

Technology and machinery

  • Machining
    3- and 5-axis-milling, turning, sawing, drilling, grinding
  • Joining
    Welding, screwing, riveting, adhesive bonding
  • Forming
    Bending, punching and bending, embossing

Together with our powerful partners, we deliver parts from most different casting processes up to the required surfaces.